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Professional Translation


      For our professional translation and interpreting services we provide experts who understand not only your language and culture, but also your industry. People in the fields of law, government, business, industry, medicine, technology and entertainment, as well as individual clients, benefit from our personalized, professional foreign language translation and interpreting services.

Interpreter-Assisted IMEs and Depositions

     After years of providing interpreting services to private law firms, insurance companies, self-insureds and healthcare providers, Pestige Translations ascertained that skyrocketing PIP and BI expenses were battles continually being fought and that any solutions from service providers that would increase a company's bottom line would most definitely be worth exploring.

     At Prestige, we wanted to address those concerns, so we set out to develop programs whereby our clients would be guaranteed to receive only the highest degree of services, while the associated costs of those services would be tailored toward maintaining client profitability.


     It is through these efforts that we devised our Interpreter-Assisted IME/Deposition program which provides Interpreters in over 50 languages to clients throughout the country at savings in excess of 25%.


     If reducing expenses is on your company's agenda for the upcoming year and you would like to hear more about what Prestige can do to help contain your company's yearly interpreting expenses, please email us or call us at 201-742-5419 and let us show you what we can do for you, because at Prestige...


"We Hear What You're Saying"




     Prestige Translations offers interpretation services in over 50 languages and dialects to meet a wide variety of client needs. Our interpreters provide services in courts, depositions, arbitrations, hospital settings, IMEs/Depositions and even corridors of government agencies. For hard-to-find languages, high volume requirements or specify subject areas, Prestige Translations is your full service language partner.

     In addition to providing qualified interpreters to our clients, Prestige also performs document translation services. Any documents needing to be translated can be submitted through our web site, where our trained professionals will evaluate the amount of time required to accurately transcribe the documents submitted and an estimate of costs will be supplied to you for your approval before any work is undertaken.


Why Prestige Translations?

     For over 15 years, Prestige Translations has been a trusted choice for connecting legal and medical professionals with quality interpreters throughout a large geographic area. Our ability to provide professionals speaking a wide variety of languages, coupled with our extensive coverage area and attractive cost-containment programs, has made Prestige Translations an approved vendor to many large insurance carriers throughout our service area.